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Help! My Hair's Gone Green!

Help!  My Hair's Gone Green!

OK - so this one is a one off.  But it's happened once, so be careful.

Swimming pools are kept clean and clear with chlorine.  And in the busy hotel pools in the height of the summer, lots of chlorine.

Chlorine in swimming pools generally doesn't react with hair colouring.  But in this case, it did.

Following a long swim, the bride-to-be's blonde hair slowly turned a gentle shade of green.  Not what you want on your wedding day!

This example is extreme.  And a once only.

But it's can also happen that your hair goes lighter or more orange in the combination of the bright Cyprus sunshine and the chemicals in swimming pools.

If you're unlucky enough for this to happen to you, we can fix it.  We'll get your hair back to the colour you want.



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